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[sc-dev] Re: error in COsc help

> The mistake is in assuming that it makes sense [...]

it makes sense to say the range of sinosc is [-1,1]

we need to know it's range in order to use it

it even makes sense to say that the domain of the phase input is [-pi,pi] or [0,2*pi]

we need to know that too

after all it could be [0,1] or [-1/2,1/2]

"coincidence isn't a mystery to her / the margin is always wide enough"

what might it mean to not "see" the point of the cosc comment?


ps. runningmax was there as a hint that earlier matlab investigations may've been the long way around

pps. if we know nothing about sinosc's output until we "parametrize it" how will we know how to do that?

ppps. to "check this analytically" in the cosc case we only need to see that one plus one equals two, literally

pppps. what is the "maximum amplitude" of dust?  is it not one?  regardless, as it were, of the facts.

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