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[sc-dev] Re: error in COsc help

thanks kindly julian, you are the eternal diplomat, i'm ashamed.

i wonder though, could we say "The peak amplitude of SinOsc is one",
or would that too need a qualification?


i think the mistake here is clear, we can always turn back in the


The mistake is in assuming that it makes sense to talk about "the peak amplitude of SinOsc". "SinOsc" doesn't have a single peak amplitude -- it's a class which represents an interface to a table look-up oscillator which has parameters which have to be set before it does anything well-defined. In other words, if you compose RunningMax (or whatever) and SinOsc, you know nothing about that composition's output until you parametrize it.

I guess you could talk about the set of peak amplitudes of SinOsc, but I don't see that as being a good thing to include in the documentation.

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