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Re: [sc-dev] error in COsc help

On 6 Dec 2014, at 03:04, Rohan Drape <rohan.drape@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> approx. 1.994, actually, not 2
> ??
> b = Buffer.alloc(s, 512, 1, {arg n; n.sine1Msg(1)});
> {var x = COsc.ar(b, 200, 0.04);RunningMax.ar(x).poll(5);x * 0.1}.play
> the sentence is useful because supercollider oscillators are
> ordinarily in [-1,1], and cosc isn't, so please don't delete it.

Agreed. The point of the sentence is that it can go as high as two. The fact that it varies based on the freqs involved is not really the point.

Calling this ‘egregious’ is in my opinion an egregious misuse of ‘egregious’. ;-)

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