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[sc-dev] error in COsc help

The COsc help says:

"Due to summing, the peak amplitude is twice that of the wavetable."

But this isn't true, e.g. for f = 1, b = 1, the peak amplitude is 8/(3 sqrt(3)): http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=max%28sin%283*pi*x%29%2Bsin%28pi*x%29%29

Or try, in sclang:

{ SinOsc.kr(1.5) + SinOsc.kr(0.5) }.plot(10, minval: -2, maxval: 2)

This becomes "less untrue" as the signals become more complex, but regardless...

If people are okay with removing this line from COsc's help, I can figure out how to fix it and do so.

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