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[sc-dev] Quarks progress and commits to the old SVN

Just an update.  No action required of anybody just yet.

I've got the quarks all converted to separate git repos.

I am working on an update to Quarks that will allow:


and reading from a central directory file to provide a menu listing.


Contributors will be able to take possession of the github versions or substitute their already existing github/bitbucket/whatever repositories.

If you haven't already moved your code to github, then don't worry - I can just transfer the repo to you and all the history is there.


There are two quarks added recently. I won't migrate those from SVN, but its very easy to add them to the new system from a git URL.

However please hold off if you can on any update commits to the old SVN.

Its already tricky to migrate this smoothly and if there are new commits in SVN there isn't anyway I can transfer those.

If you have changes you meant to commit then you should be able to manually copy the changes over to the git version.  Any merge tool can do that quite easily.


I am trying to finish up the new Quarks asap.  Thanks for your patience.