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Re: [sc-dev] Event's sustain

On November 30, 2014 7:40:58 PM yota morimoto <yotamorimoto@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thanks James.

Then ~legato is a confusing term here. It is not the musical legato at least.
I'd understand ~legato < 1 as the degree of non-legato-ness expressed independently of tempo.

But the meaning in supercollider can be completely the opposite.
So I need to accept that ~legato = 0.5 can both be staccato and legato depending on tempi.

That wasn't exactly the point. The point is that musical staccato depends on a quick-releasing envelope. If your SynthDef has a lazy release time (anything much more than 40-50 ms), then you will get one note's release segment bleeding into the next note when the rhythm gets faster, but this is not the fault of the way ~legato is implemented. It's the result of trying to get staccato from an envelope that isn't suited to produce staccato.

TL;DR: Fix the envelope first and then we can talk about Event's behavior.

Besides which, tempo is not the relevant factor anyway. You could play 32nd notes (dur = 0.125) at 60 bpm and you would hear the same problem as quarter-notes at 480 bpm -- only the tempo kludge won't help you with the 32nds.

Lastly, I think legato should *increase* as the rhythm gets faster -- the opposite of your suggestion. If, as a flutist, I see staccato quarter-notes at a moderate tempo, I'll play the note for, oh, I guess 20% of the beat's duration. Staccato 16th-notes at the same tempo are more likely to be 50-60% of the duration of the note's value, because there's a limit to how fast a human player can start and stop a single note. A staccato model that doesn't account for this will never sound realistic.


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