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Re: [sc-dev] Event's sustain

On 30.11.2014, at 12:40, yota morimoto <yotamorimoto@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thanks James.
> Then ~legato is a confusing term here. It is not the musical legato at least.
> I'd understand ~legato < 1 as the degree of non-legato-ness expressed independently of tempo.
> But the meaning in supercollider can be completely the opposite.
> So I need to accept that ~legato = 0.5 can both be staccato and legato depending on tempi.

the event key ~legato only works with tempo changes as you expect if you use gated envelopes.

The reason is that the Synth doesn't know of the clock you are playing the pattern on. The tempo may even change while the note is playing.

The example that Stephan posted earlier does behave as you want it, or at least it should - try it again.

> Indeed, ~sustain is low-level but ~legato is more high-level.

In SC, ~sustain and ~legator are almost on the same level. There are many musical and mathematical concepts that shift meaning dependent on context and that have a specific meaning in supercollider which may deviate from what you expect.
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