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[sc-dev] Re: Event's sustain


this is a topic which has also been raised along this thread


>When TempoClock's tempo is 1, 
>~legato = 0.5 is staccato, 

>but in other cases like tempo is 3, 
>~legato = 0.5 isn't staccato anymore; it overlaps to the next event 

Certainly your objection is right if considering the traditional meaning
of musical terms.

But this example also shows the difficulty of finding a general definition
to fit such:

The default synthdef (see Event.sc) has a fixed release time of 0.3,
so tempo accelaration leads to overlapping.
'Musical' legato/staccato depends on a number of params
of the Event/Pattern system.
Nearly impossible to find parameter relations garantueeing
traditional musical meaning for all SynthDefs ...

I'd explore the possiblities of customizing
the Event system by defining own Event types.




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