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Re: [sc-dev] Towards SC 4

- Proper npm-style package manager. Ach. (Been working on this for ages)

Dan did make Quarks2 using GIT and i think that is cool enough for SC4 ( :

npm style thing you mean like "local scopes" so one quark could use a version of a dependency and another quark could use another? 

If that's what you mean i think it sounds a bit too much for me, at least for SC4... 

But well, that's just my personal impression ( :

The nesting-of-dependencies thing that npm does (where each quark has it's own dependencies & modules folder) isn't really doable, and is probably an total edge-case for SC anyways. I mean, basically:

- per-project / per-workspace list of dependencies
- per-project / per-workspace quarks folder (and, potentially, sclang executable as well)
- convenient x-platform way to build, install, update quarks
- ability to package all dependencies (including SC app itself) for compatibility / future-proofing / documentation

Mainly: I'm tired of constantly renaming/modifying my Extensions folder for each project I work on, and having to remember which quarks I implicitly depend on in which project (esp. when I send code to someone else).

- S