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Re: [sc-dev] mavericks + qt + unit lib = sclang crash

On 16 Dec 2013, at 14:31, Miguel Negrão <miguel.negrao-lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thanks for the info and binary. We tried with that binary but there is
> still a crash. Wouter tested it on his mavericks machine but he doesn't
> get the crash... something funny is happening here...

If you’re still willing to be the guinea pig, here is another build:


I did the following:

1. The Homebrew and MacPorts distribution of qt 4.8.5 *are* patched for Mavericks now - no need to use a pre-release version any more. That might help with your Qt-problems.
2. In the very first build I posted I did accidentally build with -DNATIVE=ON, so if you’re still using that first build and have a different processor than I that is likely to cause trouble.
3. While I applied the 10.9 SDK-compatibility patch, I did build with 10.8 SDK and target 10.7 this time. Target 10.7 for wider applicability. I did not use and SDK 10.9, because you do not get the start-option to switch off App Nap when you use SDK 10.9 (but it builds fine).


PS: AppNap creates trouble. Try this, for example, while AppNap is *not off* (for SC): from SCIDE boot the server, wait for a minute and reboot the server. On my system the reboot takes about 30 secs… (with AppNap switched off almost no time).
PPS: this build is brand new - includes Julians latest changes, and 3 pull-requests: 10.9 compat, boost 1.55 and Tims “forMaster” (except “Macism” ;))

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