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Re: [sc-dev] For a more tolerant PlayBuf

On 16.12.2013, at 02:14, rohan.drape@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> i wrote:
>> [...] & it always has.
> which is absurd!
> i don't have an old sc3 here & i've no idea how long it's been like this.
> but it makes sense, the buffer input is k-rate?
> ie. if you have one-channels buffers loaded at 32-64 you can scan
> through them with:
> {var b = MouseX.kr(32,64,0,0.2)
> ;var r = BufRateScale.kr(b)
> ;Out.ar(0,PlayBuf.ar(1,b,r,1,0,1,0))}.play

Yes, you are right, but the warning happened only once, so when you switched fore and back between mismatching and matching files, you'd get only an error once.

Now (with the new method) the warning is more consistent. I'd welcome an extra argument for the play method, but for now this seems ok.
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