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[sc-dev] Re: For a more tolerant PlayBuf

> Actually it would have been nice, but it never worked that way. The
> ugen just failed and didn't try again ...

here (debian/testing/3.7alpha0) it definitely works like
that, & it always has.  sclang codes (set filenames as required):

// Channel mismatch, single channel buffer, two channel playBuf,
// result is silence and channel mismatch message in server log.

{var fn = "/home/rohan/data/audio/pf-c5.aif"

{var sc = BufRateScale.kr(0)

// Graph will sound after loading a two channel signal to buffer, and
// stop again after (re-)loading a single channel sound file.

{var fn = "/home/rohan/data/audio/sp/tinguely.aif"

i'm not arguing for the jmcc rule, but it definitley existed!

about the ephemeral nature of supercollider codes: of course it's
fine, it's how the process, and the library design, is.

> (btw. now your mails end up even in a completely different mailbox ...)

the mysteries of slrn...


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