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Re: [sc-dev] mavericks + qt + unit lib = sclang crash

On 13 Dec 2013, at 14:37, Miguel Negrão <miguel.negrao-lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> He has osx 10.9 mavericks, qt 4.8.5
> compiled from source (wasn't this supposed to fix the mavericks bugs ?)

I have observed als sorts of Qt guis crash a lot on Mavericks with 4.8.5. On my system two things let them effectively disappear:

- compiling with sysroot and build target 10.8
- compiling Qt4 via homebrew using the —HEAD version (pulls a git version post 4.8.5 (called 4.8.6) and applies homebrew patches). But this has lately not been working any more. Yet official 4.8.6 should be around the corner.

If you want to try out, if the build I describe above solves the problem, get it here:



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