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[sc-dev] Re: For a more tolerant PlayBuf

> OK, I see, for now I'll just hardcode the warning.

Excellent idea!

The 'absent' signal may be a very subtle aspect of a
complex texture, or it may happen fifteen minutes into
an offline rendering...

Regards [1, 1, 1] * [1, 1.2] and:

> You wouldn't expect this to throw a warning.

That's because * is _defined_ as cyclic?

This could guide the channel allocation rules for your

ie. UGen:[1,2,3,4] & Buffer:[1,2] -> [(1,1),(2,2),(3,1),(4,2)] etc.

Drifting off-topic: of the adverb variants 'e' = 'error
if not equal' is conspicuously missing?

Where equal length inputs _are_ required it's very
useful to annotate it!


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