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Re: [sc-dev] [PATCH] Compiling sc3-plugins for 10.9

2013/12/9 vnc <schwarzinger@xxxxxxxxx>:
> after patching i got this error
> [...]
> /Users/vnc/sc_dev/supercollider/sc3-plugins/source/TagSystemUGens/TagSystemUgens.cpp:670:5: error:
>       call to 'sc_isnan' is ambiguous
>         if(sc_isnan(unit->m_count)) {  // terminate and reset
>            ^~~~~~~~
> /Users/vnc/sc_dev/supercollider/include/plugin_interface/SC_InlineUnaryOp.h:57:13: note:
>       candidate function
> inline bool sc_isnan(float x)
>             ^
> /Users/vnc/sc_dev/supercollider/include/plugin_interface/SC_InlineUnaryOp.h:66:13: note:
>       candidate function
> inline bool sc_isnan(double x)
>             ^

Grrr, this should not be an error, since the functions are not
ambiguous, they have different signatures. Could you please complain
to whoever gave you the compiler?!

It seems rather unlikely that the patch is what caused this error,
since it seems so unrelated. So I'm sorry not to be more helpful, but
it's either unrelated or it's one of those weird compiler issues that
is difficult for a third party to diagnose...


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