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Re: [sc-dev] Re: Towards SC 4

> 1) As far as I know there isn't anything similar to the sc-ide where you
> select text (normal haskell code, anything that ghc would accept, i.e.
> not having to wrap do blocks with { } ) and execute, except for emacs

I do this with vim.

> for multiline execution, but that is not really usable either, since one
> would want the ability to manage multiple documents, and not have to
> copy paste every block of code to exectue to the scratch pad.

easily done with vim and tslime.

> the same monad value. Another option is to just redefine the function in
> ghci, that seems to be possible, but then other functions that referred
> to the old version of the function will continue to refer to the old
> version,

i store the functions in a mutable data structure and call them by reference, so that if they change, the changed version is used on the next call.

I suppose we really should move this conversation to haskell-art.