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Document status, was Re: [sc-dev] writeClientCSS

> Hi Scott
> Can I quickly ask about the Document support in the current source?

Sure, switching to a new thread.
> I built SC to explore the Document class in the source. I can create a new Document by calling Document.new, but it seems to implement very few of the methods the old Document class had. None of the examples I tried in the help file worked (except the path ones).
> Also, in a standalone version of SC, should we be able to run sclang without the IDE and call Document.new (for us live coders who don’t necessarily want to run the whole IDE when we code)?

Document is *in* the IDE. I think if you want a standalone, you should use TextView in place of it. TextView implementation is a slightly different issue of course.
> Am I doing something wrong, misunderstanding, or is the Document support still limited? If so, what are the plans? Will we get a support of the old CocoaDocument? 

Not entirely I suspect, as there are significant differences in the IDE.
> I’m asking as I’d like to port ixi lang to Linux and Windows, but as it looks now it does not seem possible. The methods I use include:
> background 
> stringColor

Those two require rich text, which the IDE doesn't support, at least yet.

> onClose
> keyDown

Those two should work. (Well, keyDownAction…)

> selectLine
> selectRange
> selectionStart
> selectionSize
> currentLine

Selection has not been implemented, as I'm waiting for somebody to have a clear view on how this should actually work in the IDE, where you may have multiple views of the same document, with none of them the 'active' one. This is not a problem that we had in SC.app. I've raised the issue a couple of times, but response has been a bit weak.

> string_

Use text_. string_ could be added, but old Document is a mess of unnecessary synonyms, so perhaps a good opportunity to clean up.

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