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Re: [sc-dev] Re: Still occasional memory corruption...

Hi Jonatan,

Em 20-11-2013 11:35, Jonatan Liljedahl escreveu:
> I can evaluate the above any number of times, it always prints:
> abc is 2
> 3
> This is on OSX, master commit 0081056d8bd7db6e96a368be5764162ab11c7596

Yes, in this particular case it always prints 2, and off course, it
should print "this" instead. The var abc hasn't been changed anywhere on
that code, so some kind of corruption is happening. If this is some kind
of stack overflow happening then sclang should just crash or quit with
an error, shouldn't it ?

The original code that triggered this (see thread [sc-dev] sclang crash
- SIGSEGV at inline bool IsInt(const PyrSlot* slot) ) was using some
similar FPLib code, and in that case I got the random results I posted
in the previous mail. When using just functions I didn't manage to
reproduce that.


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