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Re: [sc-dev] Re: Still occasional memory corruption...

2013/11/20 James Harkins <jamshark70@xxxxxxxxx>:
> On Nov 20, 2013 6:18 PM, "James Harkins" <jamshark70@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Wait... here it is... the error happens in collectAs. My call stack shows
>> that the "class" argument is Array, and one item is successfully added into
>> the array. By the time it gets to the second iteration, somehow "res" has
>> changed from an array to a TempoClock, despite the fact that res IS NEVER
>> REASSIGNED in this method! That is, function.value(elem, i) has had a side
>> effect in a scope to which that function has NO ACCESS.
> Another (likely more plausible) explanation is stack corruption. I just
> remembered that the stack trace shows res is still an array. So, probably
> when the VM gets around to sending the message "add," it gets the clock off
> the stack instead of what ought to be the receiver.
> Either way, not good.

I agree that this is not good. However, without a reproducer, please
do bear in mind that it could be a local problem at your end (e.g. NSA
broke your compiler). In general we do have a problem with a dearth of
insight into the lang internals.


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