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[sc-dev] Still occasional memory corruption...

Sorry to report that I'm seeing some sporadic (very sporadic) memory corruption problems again. It doesn't happen very often, but when things get complicated, it does still pop up.

The latest incident was calling a pseudo-method 'addResponder' on a Proto object. I had saved the object in a function-local variable 'proc', but when it was time to call proc.addResponder, somehow the receiver ended up being a TempoClock. ???? There's no possible way that could have happened in the code. Nothing inside the function reassigns the variable, and nothing outside the function is able to see the variable.

Unfortunately, very hard to reproduce. This happened after a few hours of heavy use, recompiling the library a few times, but more often unloading all the objects for the piece (lots of Protos, which include big Environments) and re-creating them. Usually this isn't a big problem in itself, but it added the new element of OSC control from my tablet, going through dispatch objects and accumulating big call stacks.

Anyway, just worth noting that something somewhere in the VM internals is still wreaking some mischief.


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