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Re: [sc-dev] change default cue buffer size patch


recently we stumbled upon the same problem. As it was last minute, nothing was tried out, but I had the idea that perhaps *different* cue buffer sizes may be the right way to go, so that the lookups don't happen at the same time.

So something like:

(s.options.blockSize * 2) * 64.rand + 65536;

may be even better? Do you have something at hand to try it on?

On 18.11.2013, at 20:52, Lucas Samaruga <samarugalucas@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi
> Maybe this change could be useful, maybe not. With many files at the same time a buffer size of 32768 produces random glitches and the recommender values in DiskIn is at least 65536.
> Of corse I made a mistake spacing the help file before changing it...
> Best
> Lucas
> <0001-spacing-Buffer.schelp.patch><0002-cueSoundFile-change-default-buffer-size-to-65536.patch>

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