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[sc-dev] HID update (and forward to 3.7)


just coming back from our Modality meetup in Bergen at BEK, where I
worked quite a bit on the HID stuff, in the pleasant company of
Alberto, Till, Miguel, Jeff and Bjornar, who gave some good comments.

Current state:

- got things up and running on OSX in principle (building works,
  functionality works)
- worked out what the interface for HIDFunc should be (but not
  implemented yet)
- and found some other issues, which need some sorting out...
- basic classes are documented (but still need to document HIDFunc,
  once it is ready; and probably make a guide for "Working with HID")
- For Windows still some extra work is needed (getting the report
  descriptor, i.e. lowlevel stuff; and building in principle).

For those who want to have a try:

Unfortunately, on the last day in Bergen I managed to introduce a little
bug (while trying to fix other issues), that I have yet to track down,
and it is quite relevant for parsing button presses.

So the main three issues, I have still to solve, before I feel like a
3.7alpha version is in place:
- the input parsing bug; this is lowlevel stuff involving parsing bits
  in the right way
- mapping from logical min and max in the right way; the HID spec has a
  nasty thing where it interprets bytes as signed on one occassion, and
  as unsigned in another. It's a bit tricky to deal with this, esp.
  when more than 1 byte is involved in terms of size
- preventing a crash when trying to open a device that cannot be opened

Some things other people could contribute to:
- finish writing the HID usage tables in yaml format - this is some
  basic data entry work; I can forward the reference doc to who wants
  to help out here
- HIDFunc, the scheme is clear now, happy to share the design concept,
  that we worked out in Bergen; there are anyways some things which are
  not entirely clear to me yet about the *Matcher and argTemplate
  concepts (Scott, maybe you want to help out here?)


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