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[sc-dev] Towards SC 4

So, with the current state if things being what they are, what are the major changes / major things we want to keep from SC 3 going forward to SC 4?

Breaking backward compat is of course more in the table then not, though anything that does (I think) should be done with good reason. I think a new project should aim to-

- Cleanly deal with future bit changes (64 bit compatibility, and thinking ahead to things we can do to make any future changes easier)
- Would like to keep the basic language and class structure
- build the language as a set if language plugins 
- retain Qt and the IDE 

As for the overall architecture, I personally could think of reasons to keep the lang / server divide, but also reasons to bring them closer together as SC 2 did... Thoughts?

Also, what strategies can we use to start and grow as cross platform, rather then working it in after the fact?

No time lines yet, but I seriously want to open this can of worms. I would be interested in hearing who might be up for this project, planning it together and setting some timelines and mapping out tasks.



Josh Parmenter
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