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Re: [sc-dev] NdefGui

hi ron, 

must have worked at some point (at least when I wrote that help file), 
but  nobody seems to have used it since ;-)

You could try like this (not tested): 

+ NdefGui { 
makeZoink { |width, height|
// add it for the lookup, quick and dirty
buttonFuncs.put(\zoink, { this.makeZoink(buttonSizes[\zoink], height) }); 
Button(zone, width@height).font_(font)
.states_([[\zoink, skin.fontColor, Color.clear]])
.action_({ arg btn, mod; 
"ZOINK".speak // or whatever else

// then this should hopefully work: 
NdefGui(options: NdefGui.audio ++ [\zoink]); 

hope that helps, 
best, adc

On Jan 16, 2013, at 2:02 PM, "Kuivila, Ronald" <rkuivila@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Julian and Alberto,

It does not appear that the "zoink" option for customizing an  NdefGui works.
Any easy work around?



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