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Re: [sc-dev] report crashes

hi miguel,

> 	From time to time I get crashes of SuperCollider, most often sclang related (I just got one [1]). I was wondering what would be the best way for users to report these crashes.
> 	 I sometimes feel that it’s not appropriate to open a new thread just for a crash, since I don’t have much info to contribute about it, but still I would like to report these crashes so that it’s known that they happened. Possibly, a web page could be setup to report the crashes, where you just post the crash report a brief description of what you were doing at the time, so that the devs can then have a look at them. Perhaps something like this already exists but I’m not aware. I think this is a bit different from a bug report, because for a bug report you should have some idea of what is causing the crash, but sometimes one has no idea of what caused the crash, and it might not be easily reproducible, but it might actually be easy for a dev that can read the backtrace to figure out the issue by looking in the relevant code. 
> 	Let me know what’s the best way to report these crashes.

in general, the github issue tracker is probably the right place to
report bugs and to make sure that they are not forgotten .... if
possible with a binary with debugging symbols/line numbers, so that one
can see the exact location ... and even better: with a reproducer

this specific crash does not look too good, though, as it crashes
somewhere in the garbage collector/memory allocator, which might
indicate a memory corruption ...


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