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Re: [sc-dev] Strange EnvGen gate behavior

hi julian,

On 06.01.2013, at 23:08, Julian Rohrhuber <julian.rohrhuber@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Are all variants of multichannel arguments and control maps supported as synth arguments?
>> e.g. ["/s_new", name, id, 1, 1, "freq", ["a_45", "a_46"], "rate", [3, 0.2, 2]]
> Ah and are they also supported by "/n_set"?
> e.g. ["/n_set", id,  "freq", ["a_45", "a_46"], "rate", [3, 0.2, 2]]
> If not, the new behaviour causes complications because then we don't have a uniform way to treat the format.

yes, s_new and n_set both seem to support the array syntax.


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