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Re: [sc-dev] call-backs, co-routines and inversion of control

A 06/01/2013, às 22:37, Julian Rohrhuber escreveu:

> I still have those commits sitting around which would arguably make a good first step for a later more thorough implementation of this behaviour. I'd like to either push it or throw it away, because later on it will become useless - any suggestions? It currently mainly lacks an appropriately differentiated latency implementation (but this is the case with the current s.bind, too, so it doesn't take anything away.
> For reference, here is the patch.
> <bind_async.diff>

I think it would be a good idea to commit this, because it already allows to have completely automatic syncing for the end user. The only issue perhaps is that it will not keep the old behavior of the the bind method, since it will always sync on each async action, but from what I was told, all the async actions are run in sequence in the server anyway, so it doesn’t make much difference perhaps.

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