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Re: [sc-dev] Re: [sc-users] SCDoc doesn't open any more on compile of the latest master branch (OSX10.82)

> git bisect was hard, since a lot of commits does not compile due to
> some missing file. git bisect says:
> here are only 'skip'ped commits left to test.
> The first bad commit could be any of:
> 3692243cb0ac20d92edebefd167ac0f8d98250b2
> 67d225a717a1a3774f95fa42be5224172aef32e0
> 098c32bff80fe12abd4cf610b48bbdc70519ddf5
> 1bae10e6ed0f77077c4cb66aeecb77f83573827e
> 0aa87fceda649bbb36ca954c6a572dac1640d153
> 55af999c74a86642b24a5c7b27ad7c6b17d0567e
> 76a04da4bb6adae9106617efb178ed7fc8a64e76
> fa5cf49508f680b973e5abbb8a0a748a3c3b7d80
> 64e78cffe71c89b6354493dfde986ad1557fe972
> 8807e9ec300a358fa9ff72fc5a759ac813219c83
> 6fb19fdce34d6d3f02479f430e20a0540a40b12b
> 9a64dfd0fb6956f8c58dc8238011fb793e62c179
> cdec68d7c5dacd60e327284f72d734190baf2e36
> We cannot bisect more!
> All the commits above are Tim's. Any idea of what might have happened, Tim?

hm, all of those are related to the public libsclang interface, none of
them seem to be related to sclang at all ...

do you have any clue what exactly goes wrong or where it is failing?
unfortunately i cannot reproduce it, on linux the help system works like
charm ...
but could you try to bisect this branch [1]? it is the original patch
series slightly reordered

thnx, tim


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