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Re: [sc-dev] fast forwarding the server


I would like to share how I implemented this feature in my Lua SCclient.

Transport is not based on time but on beats (This is not essential to transport but allows to shedule without knowing the future musical tempo)
Players are similar to EventStreamPlayers.
When playing metronome is advanced and a new frame (specific beat lenght) is sequenced: 1- Players positioned in this frame are played : s_new and n_set messages are bundled sent and correspondig releases (n_set with gate = 0) are forwarded to a scheduler. 2- Players positioned before the frame are pulled: All streams are advanced till current frame but not played as case 1 3- Players with "last event played" positioned after the frame are reset (go to begining) and pulled as in case 2 The sheduled events from case 1 (with releases gate = 0) are always sent so synths will never be left unreleased.

Thats all. It works for musical structures based on sequencing and of course not for musical structures based on synth definitions but that's enough in most of the situations

Best Regards

Victor Bombi

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