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Re: [sc-dev] Strange EnvGen gate behavior

On 04.01.2013, at 15:42, Tim Blechmann <tim@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> hi stefan,
>>> ok, i've sent a pull request here [1]. julian, could you maybe pull from
>>> that branch and see how much work it would be to convert jitlib to the
>>> new semantics?
>> ...
>>> [1] https://github.com/supercollider/supercollider/pull/700
>> could somebody please merge this pull request? unless there are any objections, of course.
> no objections, however it it will break jitlib, which should probably be
> fixed first ... julian?

hi all,

i've looked briefly at this - it will break jitlib when you use i-rate controls. I think that your change can be supported, but I certainly don't have the time to test it for the next two months.

I could however send you a patch which someone could check.

Are all variants of multichannel arguments and control maps supported as synth arguments?

e.g. ["/s_new", name, id, 1, 1, "freq", ["a_45", "a_46"], "rate", [3, 0.2, 2]]

Btw. If you need to contact me, it is better to mail me directly, as I'm not currently reading the list.

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