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[sc-dev] SCDoc browse/search uses filenames, not titles


I just spent some time fixing the title:: lines in the Practical Guide
to Patterns -- previously, the titles were taken directly from the
file names, so you would see something user-unfriendly at the top of
the page like "PG_Cookbook07_Rhythmic_Variations."

I did "SCDoc.indexAllDocuments(true);" and the rendered pages show the
new titles, but the Browse and Search pages show filenames instead of
titles. For instance, search for "phrases" and one of the results is
"PG_04_Words_to_Phrases" but (with the title changes that I will push
soon) clicking through to that link shows "Pattern Guide 04: Words to

I'm just checking whether this is an intentional behavior. I suspect
not -- link:: and related:: tags render the target document's title,
rather than file name, so it would seem reasonable to me that the
browse and search pages should do the same.

I'll log it as a bug if that's appropriate, just wanted to ask first.


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