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Re: [sc-dev] c++11 in sc

A 03/01/2013, às 10:08, Tim Blechmann escreveu:

> hi all,
> i have been using c++11-structures for quite some time and got a huge
> fan of it, as it addresses a lot of cross-platform issues, not to
> mention lambda functions, futures, type inference and the like. it
> actually feels like a new language. i'd therefore suggest to introduce
> some c++11 features in to the sc codebase.

Probably not related to c++11 specifically but I found it quite surprising that apparently c++  template metaprogramming can be used as a functional language, actually I found a blog posts where the author asks you "to think of TMP as maximally obfuscated (subset of) Haskell”.  So, yeah, that is quite a new language indeed !


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