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[sc-dev] c++11 in sc

hi all,

i have been using c++11-structures for quite some time and got a huge
fan of it, as it addresses a lot of cross-platform issues, not to
mention lambda functions, futures, type inference and the like. it
actually feels like a new language. i'd therefore suggest to introduce
some c++11 features in to the sc codebase.

* use a subset of c++11, which is available in gcc-4.6 and clang++. this
breaks compatibility with old compilers. we could allow gcc-4.5, but
this does not implement range-based for loops. clang++ seems to
implement most features, although osx>=10.7 only (10.6 might be
supported by bundling libc++). mingw64 (based on gcc-4.7) and msvc are
said to provide rather good c++11 support.

* we can get rid of some parts of boost

* we can unify some platform-specific code (e.g. pthreads)



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