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Re: [sc-dev] win32 priority

>> supernova makes use of the priorities 3 times:
>> * drop rt scheduling of the main thread: on linux the subprocess
>> inherits the priority from the parent process (sclang runs with
>> real-time scheduling)
>> * dsp helper threads require the highest priority
> Is this called only once having 2 threads?

it is called N-1 times, so yes.

> Is void io_thread_init_functor::operator()() const used. server.cpp:235?

yes, the io_thread_init_functor is passed to the scheduler class as
template argument.

>> * network IO has low rt priority
> Is this called two times?
> osc_server.cpp:77 ?

should only be called once. i should probably remove the  osc_server
class, as it is not used anymore.

> Another problem:
> priority cant be any number so you cant do something as priority = max - 3

this should probably be linux-only ... will adapt the code

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