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Re: [sc-dev] win32 priority

hi victor,

thanks for your insights ... didn't realize that the priority class is
process-wide ... different on unixy platforms, where SCHED_FIFO/SCHED_RR
are real-time scheduling policies, while SCHED_OTHER is the default
non-rt policy.

the idea is thread_set_priority should set a non-rt priority, while
thread_set_priority_rt acquires real-time scheduling. maybe the
intervals for non-rt should be [THREAD_PRIORITY_IDLE,
THREAD_PRIORITY_NORMAL], while rt should be

supernova makes use of the priorities 3 times:
* drop rt scheduling of the main thread: on linux the subprocess
inherits the priority from the parent process (sclang runs with
real-time scheduling)
* dsp helper threads require the highest priority
* network IO has low rt priority

cheers, tim

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