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Re: [sc-dev] atomic, priority, semaphores

>>> 3:was to implement win32 semaphores which I think that incremented
>>> stability and that I send you as file semaphore_win32.hpp and has
>>> worked for me.
>> let me have a look again (btw, patches are much nicer to deal with than
>> just files, as they can be applied with `git am')
> This is the most significative for me. Yesterday I tried without this and 
> sometimes supernova gets hung.

would you be able to provide a real patch for this? (fyi, nova-tt is a
git submodule with a separate build system for its testsuite). some
comments on the code:

* no #warning noise
* inclusion checks if semaphore.hpp should be if (a) X elif (b) Y ...
not if (a) X else (if (b)) Y endif endif
* you are using functions that require the use of Windows.h, but without
including it.
* there are several TODOs
* the file is guarded with NOVA_TT_SEMAPHORE_POSIX_HPP, thought the name
should contain WIN32 instead of POSIX

btw, i really appreciate your contributions. if i have a number of
requests it is mainly because i'm concerned about code quality and
long-term maintenance ...

cheers, tim

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