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Re: [sc-dev] atomic, priority, semaphores


We had previously worked three changes that were only in my local
repository -1:was to let atomic be included by commenting #define
BOOST_LOCKFREE_NO_HDR_ATOMIC Is this worthwhile? How should be done

wait for boost 1.53, which has several fixes for both boost.atomic and

With mingw-w64 both options are compiling (just atomic or boost atomic)

2:was to set realtime priority (I dont know if it is important)

it is needed, but i was confused, which version you ended up using.

I used :
#elif defined(_WIN32)
success = SetThreadPriority(GetCurrentThread(), THREAD_PRIORITY_TIME_CRITICAL);
in void thread_init_functor::operator()(int thread_index)

3:was to implement win32 semaphores which I think that incremented
stability and that I send you as file semaphore_win32.hpp and has
worked for me.

let me have a look again (btw, patches are much nicer to deal with than
just files, as they can be applied with `git am')

This is the most significative for me. Yesterday I tried without this and sometimes supernova gets hung.


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