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Re: [sc-dev] sclang crashes on startup / 3.6.2 on OS X 10.6.8

On 25.12.2012, at 23:23 , Stefan Nussbaumer wrote:

> Am 2012-12-25 20:42, schrieb Michael Zacherl:
>> On 25.12.2012, at 12:36 , Stefan Nussbaumer wrote:
>>> as far as i know Michael's laptop has a core 2 duo processor which should support sse41. so, if i should have forgotten to turn sse41 support off it should still work (at least my personal build with sse41 activated works here on my machine).
>>> also, Michael, could you maybe download sc 3.6.2 no-ide to see if that works?
>> yes, just did and no, it doesn't work:
> that's strange. i'm almost certain i compiled without sse4 support resp. -DNATIVE=OFF. i have updated the prerequisites though (stuff installed via macports). usually there are no settable optimization-options for these packages - maybe they're being set hidden from the user. i really don't know...
> i hope we will be able to find the reason for those troubles

interestingly enough I got 3.6.1 running fine here!
what did change since then?

Thanks, Michael. 
PS:  See your mobile!  ;-)

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