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Re: [sc-dev] several plugin paths in supernova win32 -U option

however, i don't think, this is correct:

+        string dire;
+        for(path const & path1 : args.ugen_paths)
+            dire += path1.string();
+        vector<std::string> directories;
+        boost::split(directories, ...);

you are joining all ugen paths arguments, but without the path separator ...

Thats true. this worked for me because my command was supernova.exe ... -U "path1;path2"
where ; would be : in others systems.Not using several -U as in scsynth

But it would not work in case

supernova.exe ... -U "path1;path2" -U "path3"

unless instead of

for(path const & path1 : args.ugen_paths)
          dire += path1.string();

would do

for(path const & path1 : args.ugen_paths)
          dire += path1.string() + pathSeparator

That would result in path1,path2,path3 and an empty string at the end :(

perhaps better
for(path const & path1 : args.ugen_paths){
       if dire.empty()
           dire = path1.string()
          dire +=  pathSeparator + path1.string()
(Is string.empty() or dire == ""  ??)

Both sintaxes could be used


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