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Re: [sc-dev] sclang crashes on startup / 3.6.2 on OS X 10.6.8

On 25.12.2012, at 20:17 , Tim Blechmann wrote:

>> the supercollider-builds are done with -DSSE=ON -DSSE41=OFF -DSSE42=OFF 
>> -DNATIVE=OFF (i really hope i didn't mess something up here but as far 
>> as i can remember i edited my build-settings accordingly).
> btw, the defaults should be fine on all platforms.
>> as far as i know Michael's laptop has a core 2 duo processor which 
>> should support sse41.
> unfortunately, intel's marketing names do not say a lot about the CPU,
> as the processor core may differs. some core2 duo do not support sse41

just did some research (thought that was easier on a Mac) and see that SSE4 is not supported by my humble MBP:


HTH, Michael.

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