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Re: [sc-dev] sclang crashes on startup / 3.6.2 on OS X 10.6.8

Am 2012-12-25 11:01, schrieb Tim Blechmann:
Illegal instruction

either a miscompilation or a compilation for a wrong instruction set.
stefan, can you confirm that you didn't build with NATIVE, SSE41 or
SSE42? also, i hope you didn't compile your macports libraries with any
architecture settings

hello all,

well, i too hope i haven't caused all that trouble...
there shouldn't be anything wrong with the libraries installed via macports - i haven't installed any new ones (or unsinstalled and reinstalled existing ones). usually macports doesn't give you any options regarding sse or optimization. the only thing the user can decide is if (s)he wants to build universally (i386 + x86_64).

the supercollider-builds are done with -DSSE=ON -DSSE41=OFF -DSSE42=OFF -DNATIVE=OFF (i really hope i didn't mess something up here but as far as i can remember i edited my build-settings accordingly). as far as i know Michael's laptop has a core 2 duo processor which should support sse41. so, if i should have forgotten to turn sse41 support off it should still work (at least my personal build with sse41 activated works here on my machine). also, Michael, could you maybe download sc 3.6.2 no-ide to see if that works?


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