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Re: [sc-dev] strange error when pulling from github

Am 2012-12-24 22:07, schrieb Josh Parmenter:
On Dec 24, 2012, at 12:44 PM, Tim Blechmann <tim@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

In file included from
/opt/local/libexec/llvm-3.2/bin/../lib/c++/v1/cmath:1333:9: error: no
member named 'llrint' in the global namespace
using ::llrint;

looks like a broken compiler / configuration ... ask apple ;)

this actually looks like something with macports is conflicting with your build.

with macports? i guess /opt/local/libexec/llvm-3.2/bin/../lib/c++/v1/ is part of my clang installation (installed via macports). would it make sense to compile clang from svn instead of macports?

but anyway, thanks for the hint about re-initializing the submodules, tim.


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