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[sc-dev] several plugin paths in supernova win32 -U option

Hello Tim

I had to do this in order to allow several paths in -U option for supernova in win32

if (!args.ugen_paths.empty()) {
 string dire;
 for(path const & path1 : args.ugen_paths)
  dire += path1.string();
 vector<std::string> directories;
       boost::split(directories, dire, boost::is_any_of(pathSeparator));
       for(string const & path : directories){

#ifndef _WIN32
   const char pathSeparator[] = ":";
   const char pathSeparator[] = ";";
had to be moved before in the file

my knowledge of boost is very poor, so there must be something better than merging in a string for doing a split later.


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