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Re: [sc-dev] [PATCH] Add cmake option NO_GPL3 to simplify building of GPL2 binaries

2012/12/24 Jakob Leben <jakob.leben@xxxxxxxxx>:
> On Sat, Dec 22, 2012 at 10:22 AM,  <danstowell+sc3@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> +if(NOT NO_GPL3)
>> +    list(APPEND QT_COLLIDER_SRCS ${QT_COLLIDER_DIR}/hacks/hacks_x11.cpp)
>> +endif()
> Erm.... sorry, but what's the difference between hacks_x11.cpp and all
> the rest of QtCollider files? The whole QtCollider is GPL v3. (I'm
> prbly gonna change that to v2 sooner than later...).

I used the debian copyright-check file, which only listed that file as
being GPL3. It's probably because the hacks file includes a notice
about someone else's copyright being included, which means the
copyright-finding-script picked it up, whereas your own notice looks
OK but somehow was missed by the debian script.

OK, so either this patch changes to exclude all of QtCollider, or you
change QtCollider to GPL2. (That hacks file would need to stay GPL3 I
think because it includes that other person's code.) I personally
don't mind which. So I don't want to pressure, but if you're intending
to change the licence I'd be grateful if you could do it, so that my
patch doesn't end up forgotten. Or if not then tell me and I'll redo
the patch...

(Also, I need to update debian's copyright-hints thing.)

> Btw, does sclang even build on Linux by simply not including
> hacks_x11.cpp? I'd expect unresolved symbols when linking...

Yes it builds, with clean build folder and all. No unresolved symbols
because I made the preprocessor cut out the invocation (as well as
cmake cut out the implementation).


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