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Re: [sc-dev] general question about the GUI helpfiles

Julian Rohrhuber wrote:
>> I could also have the stubGenerator replace everything until a
>> certain keyword. Then the cross platform docs could include custom
>> prose and examples below that keyword. If people regenerate their
>> docs to fix the links and the list of redirect calsses, then only
>> what is above the keyword gets replaces.
>> The advantage of this approach is that the help-file menu would not
>> get crowded with cryptice include html files in exmples in an
>> examples subdirectory.
>> I think I will try to to do this. Then we can make additions to the
>> help stubs at our leisure.
> sounds interesting. would be nice!

it won't work, because the styles get messed up.

If you edit the stubs, the style definitions can get changed by the editor.

So when I replace the top part of the file, it puts the old definitions
back in, and everything gets messed up.

So the only solution is to make a sub directory for example, and link
thm into the stubs via an iframe.

this is transparent under OSX, in a webbrowers it will display th
eexamples ina scrolling frame. I have no idea if Emacs browser supports
iframes at all these at all.

Can someone tell me?


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