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Re: [sc-dev] general question about the GUI helpfiles

Julian Rohrhuber wrote:
> Hi Jost, makes sense what you say. I have one main problem though: If
> we want to proliferate cross-platform code, we avoid having
> incompatible examples in places where one looks often. Programming
> consists a lot of copy and paste. I would actually prefer if a few
> (but not many!) examples don't work to a situation where example code
> would have to be replaced each time someone needs some stub for
> starting off.
> A strategy could be to use cross platform wherever possible, and
> separate those cases that are not conform anyway into a separate section.
> Or: not to provide examples in the helpfile directly, but put them
> elsewhere.

Actually I have been thinking of putting an examples directory inside
the Main_Gui directory. Then the stub generator would simply add a a
basic usage plus examples to the stub, using cross platform syntax.

what would you think of that?

We could move all the code from the "examples" section into these. Only
the example interspersed with the help file prose would not be put here.

I can do this if people think it is sensible.

this advantage would be that people only have to go beyond the stubs for
real details.


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