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Re: [sc-dev] general question about the GUI helpfiles

The whole cross platform doc issue is something I remain uncertain
about. The last agreement on this was, if I remember correctly, was that
each GUI scheme would have its own help files. It it is too difficult to
maintain a helpfile which tries to note the exceptions for every gui
scheme, and makes for bad reading as well.

On the other hand, the swing docs are not in good shape.

I actually think that pen should _not_ have cross-platform syntax. 
And the other SC help files certainly should not.

SCPen now has examples that say Pen, not SCPen. And 6 or 7 of them do
not work on swing. This extremely confusing for a user, because the user
then has to figure out what is wrong: Is there an error in the docs, is
there something wrong with the SC-installation, or is this s swing
conpatibility issue etc. I do not think this is good.

I think the right thing to do is to _copy_ the SCPen file to the JPen
help File, and then to remove the non-functioning methods (or write,
"not implemented yet"). And to use SCPen or JPen in the examples of the
respective files.

I'm not certain about the html formatting though. The JFiles look bad on
OSC, and I don't know if simply copying files will render well in other

I need input from th linux people though, whether this will work.

Many of the J-docs have information not contained in the SC docs. So we
can's simply replace them with the new SCGUi docs. Someone will have to
do the work of integrating the two sets of information.

Sorry Julian, but I think we should do this consistently (I guess I
changed my mind on this): Either the stubs have a complete cross
platform documentation, or we redirect to platform-specific docs. Mixing
things is confusing.



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