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Re: [sc-dev] Not so EZ Consistency

hi jost,


If I do make ERanger conform, I think I would need to get rid of the
default white background in the labels.

no problem.

I am also not certain about the units label. EZslider doesn't have one,
and it takes aup a lot of space. Just as with ez slider, people can
always put the units in the first label.

I would prefer to keep it as an option at least.

Maybe it would make sense if EZSlider and EZNumber also had
unit labels? about 20 specs in Spec.specs actually have units.

They could be off by default (make unitWidth nil by default -> no unitsView),
and could be turned on by supplying a unitWidth, like:

EZRanger( ... \freq, ..., unitWidth: 20)

does that make sense?

Would you be bothered if EZRanger just had three schemes:

labelPosition \left (horizontal):


labelPosition \top:


labelPosition \stack (vertical):


yes, fine.

best, adc
Alberto de Campo
Bergstrasse 59/33
A-8020 Graz, Austria
e-mail : adc@xxxxxxxx

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