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Re: [sc-dev] SF.net SVN: supercollider:[8298] trunk/build/SCClassLibrary/Common/GUI/ ViewRedirect.sc

Julian Rohrhuber wrote:
>> Look at the new EZSlider examples to see how it works.
> it doesn't work very well with EZSlider:
>  EZSlider(nil, 400 @ 20, "Resonance");

I originally made it so that if a window pops up, it takes the bounds
you entered. If it is a point, then it is place towards the top of the

I think you are right, that it seems intuitively correct to write 400 @
20, and to get a 20 high slider.

So I think I should make the window higher *if the argument is a point*

If it is a rect, then it should take on exactly the bounds you enter
(and the slider view will be 24px less height than the window height
then). This is so people can place a view precisely if they want.

Again this is only with popUp windows. if the view has a parent, th
bounds are what you ender .asRect;

does that make sense?


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