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Re: [sc-dev] SF.net SVN: supercollider:[8298] trunk/build/SCClassLibrary/Common/GUI/ ViewRedirect.sc

Julian Rohrhuber wrote:
 Look at the new EZSlider examples to see how it works.

 it doesn'
this seems not so nice if we want to use this fucntionality to remove
compliactions. For instance, Stethoscope could be simplified, but not if
it stays on top always then.

you can always override that easily. I do think that if a widget pops
up, you don't want it disappearing behind your other windows usually, so
alwaysOnTop=true should be the default. I see no problem with making a
scope or other **display** different. You simply set its alwaysOnTop=
false in the class code.

you could simply call ".front" on the window.


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